Not always easy to find a man. Today, there are many sites to access free dating and that can find love online. But, how do dating sites work? Which dating site is right for you? How to make the first appointment? Who connects to dating sites or what are the new online dating sites? Discover how to use dating sites!

Today, finding a man is not easy. Opportunities are rare, men hard to find and new complex drag techniques to grasp.

In our time, to find a man, there are many dating sites. The new technology offers a multitude of tools to chat online, meet online and find love on the Internet.

Shy, lazy or unlucky can, via dating sites, meet the soul mate at the click of a mouse!

How do dating sites work? What are the best dating sites? Can we find love online? Which dating site is right for you? What are the free dating sites? How to make the first appointment? Cosmo gives you all the tips to find love 2.0, the real thing!Continue reading

Nearly 62% of women would have already stopped sex to watch their mobile phone, a much higher score than men at 48%. And this is not the only consequence of smartphones on the sexual life of couples.

A survey of VoucherCodesPro, conducted on 1747 people, is final. The figures show that 62% of the women participating in the questionnaires admit having already interrupted a sexual intercourse to watch their mobile phone, compared to 48% of their male partners. How to explain this act?Continue reading