Tinder Pick Up Lines : the practical guide to meet people

The best Tinder Pick Up Lines That Will Get You a Date!

Tinder is a fantastic application, which makes it possible to make many meetings: sexy, serious, it depends only on your desires! But to meet people on Tinder, you have to know how to use the application correctly. For this, follow the guide for the best tips on getting more successful matches and a list of truly effective Tinder Pick-Up lines that Actually Worked!

No more time for poetic flirting and romantic tirades: here, efficiency is paramount. And for that, he’ll know how to flirt on Tinder. With the right profile, the right description and a method of conversation to the point, you will wreak havoc on this app!

Tinder dating app : learn how to use the app!

The principle of Tinder is simple: you scroll through the profile photos and just switch to the left or right, whether or not you like what you see. If you like a profile and this one like yours too, it’s a match!

From this moment, you can start a conversation with the person. Easy, right? But before you get there, you have to collect the likes! As we will see later, your Tinder profile is the first step to make a splash on the app.

Then you have to learn how to start a conversation, with a Tinder hook phrase that works, and lead the conversation skillfully. The goal is of course to get an appointment or plan ass!

How to Pick Up girls on Tinder!

The profile : photo and description

First of all, we will have to create a profile that catches the eye. This is the number 1 rule on Tinder dating site, since the first selection will be almost exclusively on this visual contact. So here are the two most important elements on your profile: photos and description.


They represent 90% of your profile so choose them correctly. The main photo should show you well dressed, smiling, and highlight your physical qualities. You can exaggerate a little, with photos that embellish a little reality, but do not abuse!

The following photos may be less formal, with a puppy, on a beach in a bathing suit, or even with some friends but in a good situation; no photo in the evening watered, no photos with other women!

The description

It is not capital on Tinder, but it may be the little extra that will tip a hesitant person. I advise you to put a description, preferably funny and original. The best descriptions are often the ones that make you smile!

On Tinder, it’s important to know how to stand out! The description is the perfect opportunity to show that you know how to be funny, nerdy, and to quickly understand what you are looking for. Be brief, it’s essential.

What to do after a Tinder Match?

Your profile is original and makes a good impression. Perfect, you start receiving matches! But what exactly do you do to transform a Tinder match into a conversation?

If you think that with a match, you have made the most difficult, you are wrong. It will be necessary to send a first effective message, which will make want to your interlocutor to discuss with you. Physical attractiveness is good, but we are not animals and seduction with words still exist!

On Tinder, the match is 50% of the success. Then, the catchphrase represents 30% evolution and it will remain only to make a conversation of quality to conclude with the remaining 20%.

Pick Up Lines and Conversation starters: The Importance of the First Tinder Message

To Pick Up on Tinder, you need to chat with the girl you like. And for that, you need a catchphrase that immediately arouses his curiosity. On this dating app, a girl will be in great demand, and she will pay no attention to banal messages like: Hi How Are You? or Hello!

It will therefore be necessary to stand out immediately by sending a first quality message. If you do not know how to do it, do not panic, we have a full article dedicated to Tinder hook up phrases!

There are several rules to follow on Tinder:

  • Be responsive and do not put hours to answer
  • You need to focus the conversation on fun topics that you like and that allow you to sell yourself!
  • Make the girl talk: of her, of her desires … The more she writes, the more she is confident. React to his words with (light) compliments and teasing so that the discussion is always a pleasant moment.
  • Do not talk about sex, but try to sexualize the Tinder conversation: with the right words, the right topics (massage, tattoos ….).

The goal, whether sexual or more romantic, is to quickly get a phone number, a Facebook or an appointment! The sooner you exit the application, the less competition will be. You will have more privacy with your correspondent and it will be much easier to conclude!

Tinder meeting: are we going to have a coffee?

You know how to flirt with Tinder, but now you have to take the final step: meet the person in real life!

If your profile caught the attention of a girl, she liked you and your first message hit you, you are in a good position to conclude. The discussion should allow to close the virtual exchange with the obtaining of the sought-after sesame: the appointment.

For this, there are several methods:

can you play it cash, with a time to meet no? The virtual is nice, but it’s not worth a face to face with the old! What do you say ?

It is possible to do more subtle, claiming an emergency: my smartphone is at the end of life … I will have to use an old Nokia for a while … more app: / You give me your number to keep in touch ?

At this point, you can even play gentleman / flirty: come tonight, we will eat in a small Italian restaurant that I know. The next time you will take me to your favorite restaurant!

A Tinder meeting, really, it’s always an exciting time! Will she be like on the app? Will he be so beautiful? Surprise is sometimes at the rendezvous but in general, we do not regret having learned to flirt on Tinder!